Blürb is a design studio oriented on creating and implementing intricate branding strategies.
We help to define new brands, reshape and develop those that already exist; we facilitate brands in reaching their target audiences and support them in the improvement of their mutual relations.
We think and work in a multitude of disciplines: we believe that a well-designed brand exists not only as a series of pleasant images, but also creates meaningful experiences and strong bonds with its recipients.
We understand the market
Understanding business, organizations and their markets is fundamental for creating significant brand experiences. A well-designed brand is not only a business plan, but is also a delineation of its every single interaction with the outside world. We scrutinize rapidly developing markets and constantly changing media landscapes in search of answers and inspirations for creating long-lasting and elegant solutions.
We’re independent
As a team of dedicated specialists reporting directly to our customers, we take our work very seriously. For the purposes of larger projects we expand our team by hiring experts in any field of creation, be it photography, copywriting, or animation – thanks to this approach, we maintain our flexibility and provide a broad array of specialised services.
We believe that the aesthetics of a project is its integral part, and that a well-crafted brand changes the lives of its recipients for the better. We know that only skillfully executed projects can be considered aesthetical, and that true skills can only be seen in the minutest of details. We understand that our goal is not to create a piece of conceptual art, but a living and intuitively comprehensive entity. We’ve learned that great design is a process that requires courage, experience, vision and skills – which, all of them, don’t come cheap. That’s why we accept full responsibility for every single project that comes out of our studio.
We work both with corporations and non-profit organizations, on global and local markets alike. Our Clients come from a multitude of backgrounds and represent corporate, private, NGO, lifestyle, hospitality and arts sectors. We proudly consider ourselves partners, not only providers of branding services – thanks to constant and creative dialogue we develop collaborative solutions – tactical and strategical. We believe that good brands, products and services are a result of analytical thinking, experience and accountable, decisive actions.

Our capabilities:


Brand Strategy
Visual identity
Tone and voice of communication
Visual language
Content design

Art Direction:



Book publications
Business systems

Interactive Design:

Digital Marketing
Social media

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